Part of our new Opulence Collection, Mermaid is a Type II non-woven fabric-backed vinyl wallcovering.

Mermaid Colors

Full Description

Product Description

Part of our new Opulence Collection, Mermaid is a Type II non-woven fabric-backed vinyl wallcovering.

Product Specifications

Width: 52/54" 132/137 cm.

Roll Length: 35 linear yds. 32 linear m.

Weight: 20.0 oz./linear yds. 620 g/linear m. 13.3 oz./square yds. 450 g/square m.


Installation Notes Mermaid is a reversible pattern with a random match.

Fire Ratings All patterns meet or exceed the requirements of CCC-W-408A. Class A fire rated.
Tested in acc ordance with ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test.
Approved for use in the city of New York MEA 48690 Department of buildings.

Product Features

Lightfastness: =7 Inter national Woolscale BS EN 20105 / ISO 105-B02

Washability: Scrubbable EN 259 / EN 12956

Chemical Resistance: Soap, detergents, alcohol, ammonia, alkali, and diluted acids. (Not resistant to solvents – like ketones – esters, and aromatic hydrocarbons.)

Safety: Material is classified as non-hazardous. Anti-Microbial: Prime walls contains anti-microbial additives to resist the growth of mildew and bacteria, including staphylococcus aureus, streptoverticillum and mixed fungal spore such as aspergilus niger, chaetomium globosum, and penicillium funiculosum.


Other Features: Stain resistant topcoating.
Cadmium and mercury free.
Water-based inks.

Bio-Pruf™ is resistant to mold, bacteria and other micro-biological growth on the product's exterior surface.

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