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Allure is a highly sophisticated collection filled with a variety of natural luxury grasscloth, cork, and mica wallcoverings. This collection not only offers you an organic natural look but can also provide other benefits such as sound and heat insulation. Since nature does not offer repetitive and uniform patterns,these mica, grasscloth, and cork wallcoverings are truly one-of-a-kind, each with its own character. Alongside common natural colours, Vista 5 offers metallic colours and tones in bronze, gold, and silver to play with the light conditions of each individual environment. Textile woven grasscloth, small natural mica minerals, roughly cut mica stone, and cork wallpaper with metallic elements define this high-end luxury collection.


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Amelie is a collection of natural textures fused with a bust of playful contemporary patterns that add a pop of personality and character to any interior. From enchanting birch trees and wispy watercolour flowers, to tesselated triangles and leather patches, Amelie encapsulates a spectrum of wondrous modern wallpapers that inspire feelings joy and creativity.


The Amira collection of non-woven wallcoverings brings a wealth of classic designs and colours, with metallic details and contemporary updates. Swirling motifs, stripes, florals, and damasks fill this collection each with their own unique metallic sparkle. The feature of this collection is the luxury elite embroidered wallcovering with elegant chenille yarn in 3 different colours to create a grand feature.

Art of Living

Art of The Living encapsulates retro fashion with simple, modern prints. This versatile collection is attractive by its pure and basic form, all designs are composed with a symmetrical simplicity. Geometrics, chevrons, trellises, and houndstooths take charge in shades of grey, white, and black. Teal and burnt orange accent colours complete the scheme.

Art of Living II

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Everything is comprised of Atoms - everything you breathe and feel. Atoms are the past and the future, atoms are everywhere and every atom of your body was once a part of the stars. Atomic is a collection of sophisticated wallpapers consisting of organic forms and simple geometries. This new contemporary collection is filled with traditional references, new forms, feelings and sensations with matte to metallic tones, and contrasting rich colours against soft velvet backgrounds. Atomic will add a timeless, relaxing, and romantic effect to your designs.


Belmont is a collection filled with traditional motifs and patterns with a contemporary touch. It is comprised of soft colours and textures with subtle metallic backdrops. From damasks, florals, trellises, and ornate medallions, Belmont brings a timeless elegance to your designs.


Berlin is a collection filled with futuristic patterns and geometries with a digital feel. Berlin is now one of the trendiest cities of Europe since tearing down the "the wall" which revived life and culture. What once was a suppressed city, is now a true metropolis of art, culture, and architecture. Get ahead of the time and bring new futuristic geometries into your designs!

Black Forest

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Black Forest is a nature inspired collection filled with imagery of wood, bark, animal skin, and moss. Its textures are highly realistic appearing as if they were pulled directly from nature. Use this collection to create an alarmingly natural effect.


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Featuring unconventional designs that are sure to add a sense of creativity to any space, Bohemian is a collection filled with bold patterns and eye-catching colours. These designs are perfect for creating an original and interesting interior aesthetic, ranging from classic geometric styles to contemporary 8-bit designs. For a truly bohemian-inspired home that emphasizes uniqueness, be sure to explore this collection!


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Bont (BN International) is a mosaic like designer wallpaper that can provide interest and a unique modern feel to any space. Bont offers a European flavour to modern wallpaper, using saturated colours and geometric prints. The unconventional use of colour will truly add a unique and powerful statement to any space.


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For those with a love of the outdoors, the Botanical collection is an excellent choice as it includes large-scale floral and nature-themed patterns – perfect for adding a fresh feel to any space, whether residential or commercial. An easy way to make a “big” statement is by using wallpaper patterns featuring a large-scale design, and this collection certainly showcases interesting, modern floral aesthetics.


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Boutique is a collection of classic wallpapers in a wide range of neutral beiges, greys, and golden tones. These vinyl non woven wallcoverings have a unique sheen giving them a satin like finish and rich glow. Simple geometries and plain patterns fill this collection that is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Explore the beautiful simplicity and richness of the Boutique collection now!


A modern play on traditional wallpaper, Brocante (BN International) is filled with luxurious large damask, large brocade patterns, and traditional stripes. This elegant modern wallpaper lets embossed textures, and bold metallic prints come alive with high contrast colour schemes. These stylized, large-scale patterns will add the power of elegance to any space.

Brockhall by Nina Hancock

For a classical look, Brockhall offers sophisticated designs that are truly transformative and eye-catching. From elegant floral designs that have a historic touch to rustic, contemporary takes on traditional patterns, this collection offers stunning designs that create a timeless atmosphere.


Bronze is a collection of traditional damask and floral prints infused with a subtle metallic shimmer. The warm textural prints are an ideal complement for the bold patterns. Add a touch of Bronze to any space for a sophisticated and elegant aura.


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Camargue is a collection inspired by Camargue, France located on the Mediterranean sea. In a wide range of chalky patterns, soft textures, and beach inspired colours this collection will transport you to a spellbinding place. These matte textures will have a calming, relaxing vibe in your interiors.


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As unique as can be, Caravaggio (BN International) will provides walls with elegance influence from the baroque period. Draped fabric like walls, large-scale patterns, and solid textures are featured in this collection. Historical influence is shown through the solid brocades and soft textures, as well as the woven tapestries and playful elegance. This modern wallpaper will create a wow affect to any space using metallic patterns and rhythmic floral designs.


Cassata is a collection full of gorgeous florals and intense colours that are bold enough to make a statement. Cassata embodies the idea of using classic designs combined with vibrant and modern colours to create stunning wallcoverings. Ranging from a fuschia pink to a soft beige that would fit nicely in any residential or commercial space, there is surely no shortage in the variety. Immerse yourself into a world of tropical flowers, leopard prints, and beautiful damasks and discover what the Cassata collection is all about.


With a sophisticated shimmer, Ceram offers a variety of geometric and organic patterns that have a glamorous feel. In both rich, vivid hues and simple neutrals Ceram will create highly captivating interiors with brilliant light reflecting qualities.


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Charcan (BN International) exhibits designer wallpaper inspired from the earth. This modern wallpaper uses geometric textures, organic textures, and bold colours. This nature inspired wallpaper will allow your walls to be one with the earth. Graceful floral patterns and earthy textures will bring any room to life.

City Love

City Love is a collection filled with photographic wall murals from all over the world. From Toronto to New York to Amsterdam and Dubai, this collection offers you multiple city views from all around the globe. These high quality murals are all offered in a variety of colour schemes to suit your design needs. Unleash the wonders of the world with City Love!


Clandestino collection comprises of damask designs elegantly blended with matching structure and overall patterns.


Colour your walls with Colourline (BN International). This designer wallpaper features colour wallpaper from bold and saturated colours, to muted colours to suit each and every style. Create a feeling unlike any other with Colourline's unique textured wallpapers, and muted stripes. This modern wallpaper will truly transform your room with colours to inspire.


Wallpapers from the collection Comtesse combine tradition with contemporary elements playing with rich colours and bold metallic tones. Inspired by textile structures and trends, Comtesse is an elegant and luxurious collection. The color palette ranges from natural creams, to fresh pastel blues, bold navy blues, striking marsala tones, glamorous golds, mystic blacks, and more. The masterful combination of floral motifs, ikat ornaments, stripes, and enchanting plain textures transport you to a world of possibilities. The mix of matte and metallic elements always creates the perfect balance. Indulge in luxury!


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As one of the most popular wallpaper design categories, concrete adds a contemporary touch to any space, giving it a rustic and industrial feel. Featuring an aged, cloudy look, the concrete patterns in this collection are sure to please. Ranging from bold metallic blues to soft pastels, there's something here for every taste.


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Comfortable, elegant leather sofas, soft lighting, and the sweet aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee filling the air. Where better to round off a productive day's work than in a luxurious lounge surrounded by expensive leather, exquisite furnishings, and the pleasant feeling of letting your thoughts drift while enjoying a good glass of wine? The answer is simple: in your own home! Cosmopolitan is a collection filled with a range of faux finish leathers in neutral tones to bold and rich brights. The textures are beyond visual and bring a high tactility for an unmatched realism.


Courtesan: A status of luxury! Courtesan was designed to allure all those with high taste bringing a feeling of something sacred and precious. The collection impeccably combines original classic designs from the 18th century with contemporary colors and structures, in turn creating a luxury wallcovering that has an innovative look and feel. It consists of bold floral, ornamental, organic, and geometric wallpaper prints, along with subtle complementary textures. Ranging from small to large scaled patterns these wallpapers will have a calming and sophisticated aura in any space. With each pattern one will constantly discover new elements in the design as a result of the different structural effects and metallic sparkles within. Explore Courtesan and prepare to be aroused!

Curated Bespoke Murals

Custom Murals

The Custom Mural collection is a compilation of murals specially customized for designers like you. Your mural customizations help us grow and build our collection of murals to suit your needs. If you don't see what you're looking for in our current collections, contact us to customize your own solution. Check back often as this collection is constantly growing with a variety of new styles to fit your latest projects. Explore what we can do for you in this rapidly growing collection!


Featuring simplistic designs with a rustic flavour, the Damascus collection will add a sense of sophistication and elegance to any interior with its strong colours and versatile patterns. The worn vintage aesthetics will provide any space with charm and character.


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Denim is a collection of classic patterns that resemble the timeless denim fabric as well as geometric prints with European touches. The collection is based mainly on white, beige, shades of grey, and denim blues. With the flexibility of having casual patterns or luxurious and intimate patterns, the Denim collection provides an incredible range of styles that are suitable for any residential or commercial space. Explore the Denim collection today to indulge in the playful and contemporary side of wallcoverings.

Designed for Living

Designed for living is a creative collection full of soft nudes and light pastels mixed with natural greens. With emphasis on natural elements and handcraft, the illustrations are hand-drawn with a delicate painted look for authenticity. The beautiful patterns are bound to give any residential and commercial space a fresh and light touch that will bring in a sense of nature and it's elements. Discover a beautifully natural and artistic wallcovering that will add a unique touch to your environment.


Named after an Indian goddess, Deva is available in genuine glass beads, fibrous flock, and eezponse eco blown techniques. Mythical and divine, it captures the spirit and poise of pure and natural designs. One of the highlights is Khilani, a refined genuine glassbead interpretation of a leaf which is best paired with the Arjune and Traces range of plains. From a distance, both plains have the calm expression of a unicoloured wallcovering, but upon closer inspection they reveal shimmering colour nuances, delicate contrasts, and an elegant structure. Another captivating design is the sleek and modern Pada which has a vibrant, real fibrous flock surface. The collection is available in nine exciting colour groups including marvelous mink, sensuous savannah, and aqua.

Diamonds are Forever

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Diamonds (BN International) are forever features bold, large-scale patterns in luxurious colours. Any room will ignite with passion using this textured metallic wallpaper, with stylized patterns and soft fabric-like inspirations. This designer wallpaper provides captivating linear patterns; light reflecting qualities and bold elegance to give a sense of luxury and mystery to your walls.


For a truly elegant aesthetic, Eleganza offers luxurious, high-quality linen wallpapers that are perfect for completing your room's design. From stylized floral patterns to geometrics, creating a sophisticated, timeless aesthetic has never been easier.


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Elements (BN International) provides a unique blend of organic patterns, and nature inspired designer wallpaper to implement every day lifestyle into your home. This modern wallpaper features industrial and concrete textures as well as natural elements to bring an earthy yet elegant style to your home.

Elements V

Elements is a collection of radiant, shimmering wallpapers in an array of unique organic and geometric patterns. Its metallic lustre and luxurious colours will add an enchanting glow to your space. This mix of bold and simple patterning creates the perfect elegant vibe.

Eternal Charm

Eternal Charm is a collection of designer linen wallpapers that bring the rich material linen to outstanding levels with exceptional techniques, styles, and textures. The 'Fuzzy' pattern has been created with a stitched mohair yarn, while the 'Scale' pattern features a woven structure with a dual tone effect. 'Embrace' offers metallic pigments and is a seamless blend of classic and modern. The collection is tied together with the 'Pinch' pattern featuring the traditional effect of pleating. Awaken your senses with the rich materiality of Eternal Charm's linen wallcoverings!

Gardens of Amsterdam

Stroll through the Gardens of Amsterdam (BN International) within your own home. This designer wallpaper features nature inspired, large-scale patterns. Saturated colours dance with muted colours in this exotic wallpaper. Let your walls be covered by textured metallic wallpaper, traditional patterns, and elegant florals.


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Traditional damask patterns paired solid warm textures take center stage in this collection. Glamorous (BN International) creates the utmost traditional wallpaper with textured metallic prints, and embossed textures with an influence from classic designs. Bold colours paired with large-scale prints and gorgeous stylized floral patterns make this collection one of a kind. This designer wallpaper offers playful patterns for your walls, to liven up any space.

Grasscloth 2016

From fine weave to tiled bamboo, sparkling metallic mica chips to metallic underlaid grasscloth fibers, Grasscloth is bigger and better in Grasscloth 2016. Choose from our eco-friendly selection of organic natural grasscloth and mica wallpapers.


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Woven from natural fibers, grass cloth is an eco-friendly and elegant wall covering that offers a unique palette of textures, looks, and designs. Grass cloth is a fine light cloth, prized mainly for its outstanding textures and natural appearance. Begin Exploring Now!


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Homesense is the perfect collection for residential spaces. With a variety of simplistic textures to abstract appeal, this collection works for people with different tastes. Homesense has a unique collection of striped wallpaper that would be perfect for the bedroom to the dining room. The collection has incredible contemporary designs that bring a modern and sophisticated look to your space. The touch of added metallic sheen and rich colours will vivify the walls and make your space appear inviting and cozy.


The seven wallpapers in the Icon collection all feature eyecatching patterns designed to make an impact. Mixing detailed patterns with a faux-finish wooden background, and abstract designs that capture the imagination, Icon wallpapers are available in a variety of colours, from deep brown and green tones to bright red and beige.


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Indigo is a true contemporary and luxurious collection with great metallic detail and fun shapes and patterns. The collection comes in a variety of designs that suit different moods from playful to classic. The striking blues and purples bring personality to your space, while the beige and taupes bring serenity. Notice the Indigo collection and the trendy yet transitional wallpaper.


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Intenz is a collection of simple, architectural, and geometric wallpapers. It plays with layering, metallic lustre, graphics, and line to enhance the spatial experience. With inspiration from big cities, skylines, and architecture, such as the Birds Nest Stadion in Bejing, Intenz will create a moving sense of ambience.


Ipanema is a vibrant collection of romantic wallpaper patterns that captures the essence of a dreamy escape to paradise. Every wallpaper echoes the wonders of Ipanema's natural landscape featuring flourishing florals, beautiful bold birds, colourful corals, and sandy beach textures. Create relaxing and inspiring bedrooms, livingrooms, dining rooms, or powder rooms, with this alluring array soft coloured artisan wallpapers. .


The Lagoon collection features rich green and brown tones that gives the interior a sense of coziness and invitation. Combining a highly textured surface with intricate details, this collection features floral, geometric, and abstract designs.


Latifa is the definition of lavish luxury. Nostalgic yet contemporary, this elegant collection uses intricate technology including glassbeads and sustainable suede structures. The designs are characterized by glamorous beads with smooth lines and a shimmering or matte finish with shiny accents. Explore this opulent collection filled with large scale damasks and brilliant textures.


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Layers is a collection of bold geometric prints infused with vivid colours and simple lines. Its layering of patterns produces a powerful, mezmerizing and enchanting effect while paired with its complementary natural textures. In a range of small to large scaled prints, this designer wallpaper will bring a playful yet sophisticated vibe to any space.


Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. *Oliver Holmes
Like a bridge between two hearts, only the most refined designs have been selected as embellishment for the Love collection. Filled with numerous damask patterns in large to medium scale and in neutral tones, this collection is the perfect traditional statement. The star feature of this collection is a massive glassbead damask pattern for a dazzling effect. Explore this collection now and prepare to fall in Love.


Honouring the playfulness of light in all dimensions, this collection was designed to bring together graphs and radiant crystalline surfaces to transform spaces into settings with the latest cutting edge trends. It's not a question of simplicity or extravagance. This is Lumina - it embraces both all at once. Real glass beads bring the ultimate shine and magical play of light. The ultrasoft genuine flock fibres add a furry feel and great visual impact with sophisticated structures and matte chalky effects.

Luxury Linen

Luxury Linen is understated yet highly glamorous, modern, and timeless. This collection is overflowing with luxurious linen wallcoverings in rich natural fibers. Luxury Linen engages the senses with a blend of various materials set on a backdrop of pure designer linen wallpaper with high tactility. The colours are sophisticated and subtle nuanced to capture your concept in any interior. Dark mauve and intense purple wallpapers are contrasted with dazzling white tones. Mystic blue wallcoverings are complimented with gold and copper hues. The soft green tones are fresh and airy, while brown and gold tones bring tranquility. Explore this collection of luxurious linen wallpaper designs to arouse your senses.

Mart Visser

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Mart Visser is a designer wallpaper collection infused with a natural craft sensibility and haute couture inspiration. These organic, soft patterns will create a bold feature and striking aesthetic. With a range of small to large scaled prints, these wallpapers will add a contemporary vibe to any space.


Metro is inspired by a city filled with lights and dreams. Its simple textural wallpapers are similar at one glance, but different in each way. With its shimmering metallic tones and pattern subtleties Metro will create a rousing visionary space.


Mica is a collection of small jewel-like stone adorned wallpapers. Comprised of natural individual mica chips, its highly textural surface will create a captivating brilliance and depth. In a range of metallic tones Mica can create a strong feature in a variety of spaces.

Modern Motifs

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If achieving a modern aesthetic is your goal, look no further. Modern Motifs is a collection featuring some of the trendiest and most innovative designs that are sure to complete your room's look. Tie-dye, wood, watercolour, and concrete are just some of the contemporary styles included in this stylish collection.


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Moods is a collection filled with eye catching spatial effects and illusions. Depth, layering, rich prints, and graphic lines create a playful rhythm throughout your interiors. 3D effect origami flower designs and 3D star shapes with a subtle luster adorn this collection. Through a precise use of colour, shade, and precise metallic detailing a 3D highly engaging interior is crafted. Create the perfect mood for your interiors with Moods!

More Than Elements

More than Elements is an update of the popular Elements collection filled with contemporary faux finish styles. From simple faux woods to faux woods with a unique twist, faux brick, and tinted planks, More Than Elements has all the faux finish styles you are after. A vast selection of plain textural wallcoverings are embedded throughout the story to compliment its various patterns. Immerse yourself in nature and explore the raw narratives of More Than Elements!


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Set your walls in Motion (BN International) with this unique designer wallpaper. Let your walls come alive with textured metallic wallpapers, with bold colours and gorgeous neutrals. This modern wallpaper features large-scale patterns, minimalistic designs, and fluid patterns. These geometric patterns will give your walls movement and flow, creating a powerful design within a room.


Muse is a magical mystical inspiration filled with traditional yet contemporary designs. Brilliant, genuine glass beads surface prints, and sustainable suede structures define the Muse collection. The designs within have been named after different types of muses and are embellished with shimmering accents. Discover your latest muse now!

Neo Royal

Featuring bold patterns in vibrant colors, Neo Royal is nothing if not transformative. Its dramatic visuals can instantly change any space. With a modern twist on traditional patterns, explore this collection for Bohemian patterns, contemporary damask styles, and much more.

New Naturals

With a traditional use of neutrals, New Naturals (BN International) offers linear patterns, stripes, plaid and stylized floral prints with a homey feel. This designer wallpaper can provide the warmth and comfortable feel that you walls have been longing for.

No Limit

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No Limits (BN International) has contemporary designs with architectural views. Soft colors perfectly blending with designs and structures.


The Nomadic collection is inspired by the nomads' traditional way of life. Nomads are constantly moving, and in turn draw influence from what they encounter on their journey. Natural elements, rough fabrics, designs that appear woven, and folkloric prints fill this collection. Subtle gradients and blending effects give a special touch to this contemporary collection that interprets craft and folklore. A harmonious blend of modern and traditional are featured in this collection for a touch that has a bohemian vibe.


One is an eclectic collection of digital wall murals that portray a wide range of different objects and themes. It features a vast amount of black and white murals alongside many architecturally inspired murals. Enter this digital world now.


Opalia is a luxury collection of wallcoverings filled with an array of contemporary patterns in neutral tones, rich burgundy, and bold turquoise tones. Opalia brings a mix of rich textures, floral patterns, and abstract lines. The feature of this collection is an organic contemporary glass bead wallcovering.


Playing with things of the past, Organza (BN International) is a designer wallpaper collection that uses unique ornamental shapes and silhouettes to create a subtle elegance within a space. This collection offers a unique spin with fluid patterns, unique images, and a new spin on traditional inspirations. Using organic patterns and texture metallic wallpapers this line creates light reflecting elegance with large geometric prints. Your walls will be simply dripping with modern luxury.


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Ornamentals is a collection of damask, curvilinear, and complimentary textural patterns. This traditional wallpaper features a variety of small to large scaled prints with shimmering metallic details. These bold, elegant patterns will make a sophisticated statement in any space.


"...In the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men" *Martin Tupper
PEACE is a collection filled with modern luxury - large scale florals, art deco geometries, and rich textures. Flock and glassbead wallcoverings are the leading styles in this collection with brushed metallic details to further play with light. These modern and contemporary patterns exude luxury. Create peaceful harmonies with Peace.

Plaisir 2015

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From retro to modern Plaisir 2015 is filled with fine stripes, expressive lines and sweeps, floral patterns, stylized leaves and tendrils, and flowing curved vines. All in a range of neutral organic tones and matte finishes with simple metallic details, this eclectic collection offers many different pattern styles.


In stock

Porcellano is full of beautiful patterns and delicate colours that will liven up any space. These splendid designs, which were inspired by nature, will fit perfectly in any residential or commercial setting.

Precious Elements by Nina Hancock

Precious Elements features a gorgeous collection of natural and geometric designs that are sure to transform any space. Available in a variety of colors from neutral to bold palettes, these eye-catching, imaginative patterns are versatile and can be used in different rooms. From weathered wood designs that spark the imagination to classic geometric tiles, explore this collection today!


Quattro is a collection of high quality digitally printed murals depicting a wide range of exceptionally realistic nature and architectural inspired images. These large scaled prints make an unprecedented statement and eye catching feature in any space. With a mesmerizing sense of depth, Quattro will create a fantastical and imaginative aura that will contribute to a new metamorphosis in your interiors.

Rivièra Maison

Rivièra Maison is a collection of rustic and contemporary wallpaper patterns that inspire the true warmth and comfort that makes a home pure and personal. The collection emphasizes the basics of character in a home with a medley of naturally weathered faux textures such as wood and rattan or with the bold imagery of adventurous maps and nostalgic photography. Make a memorable statement with these contemporary wallpaper patterns that evoke a real sensibility and brings to light the power of simplicity in any home interior.


Seraphine is a collection filled with traditional damask, floral, and striped patterns printed on high end linen fabric wallcoverings. The combination of woven with textile yarns featuring wonderful prints makes Seraphine not only beautiful to behold, but also to touch. Mid to large scale patterns and plain linen textures are transformed in an array of neutral tones and bold bright colours for a more contemporary touch. The charisma of this collection is brought out when combined in modern interiors for a mix of past and present to create an entirely new experience.

Shadows on the Wall

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A digital play on the romanticism and elegance of a space, Shadows (BN International) on the Wall plays with your emotions. This designer wallpaper creates the appearance of fabric-like walls, with dainty feminine touches. Using digital, geometric, and graphic prints to create light reflecting walls it will truly make your room one of a kind. Textured metallic wallpaper pairs itself with elegant pearls and floral prints to be as unique as can be.



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Splendour is a collection fusing together contemporary cutting edge faux finishes with classic & traditional damasks. Brick, paneling, plaster and vintage elements fill the contemporary side of this collection, while damasks, petite florals, and brushed textiles make up the traditional styles in this collection. Explore this collection for a rich fusion of contemporary and classic.


Structures is a collection of murals replicating natural stone, brick, wood, concrete, marble, and metal textures. The highly realistic digital print will create the look of authentic materials. These murals are perfect for creating a natural atmosphere in your interiors without the cost of real stone.


For those looking to create an industrial and modern look, Sungosa is the perfect collection for you. With damask, striped, and abstract wallpaper styles, many of the patterns feature metallic embellishments that catch and reflect the light, giving the wallpaper an additional flair. Bold colours dominate this collection, with teals, chocolate browns, and magentas taking centre stage.


In stock

Trend Spot is a collection filled with eccentric patterns and colours. It contains a wide colour selection of simple textural wallpapers to compliment a variety of wallpapers. Its off-beat kaleidoscopic patterns make them a suitable option for bringing a vivid element to childrens spaces.

Van Gogh

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Welcome to the world of Van Gogh! This collection is inspired by the famous works of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890). The collection is filled with patterns inspired by some of Van Gogh's prized works such as Almond Blossom (Feb. 1890), Irises (May 1890), The Pink Peach Tree (April - May 1888) and more! Famous for his bright colour contrasts and impressionist style the Van Gogh wallpaper collection brings rich texture & movement, soft pastels, and vivid hues. Enter his evocative world now!

Vanilla Lime


In stock

If you're looking for a stylish, on-trend wallpaper category, explore this Watercolor collection. Featuring floral and tie-dye patterns, watercolor wallpaper designs have never been more popular or easy to use, whether it's for a residential or commercial space. What makes these designs special? Watercolor aesthetics feature beautiful, vivid colours that mix together to create a gorgeous visual effect, transforming the space and redefining it.


Wild is a collection inspired by the wild and organic side of nature. The collection is filled with plants, trees, wild animal prints, and simple textures. The rich geometries, metallic tones, and weathered surfaces take this version of natural to the next level! Bring the jungle into your designs and blur the lines between inside & outside.

Windmill Avenue

Windmill Avenue is a collection of contemporary digital wallpaper with a dash of vintage design styles. From unique faux finish styles to collaged imagery and paneled patterns, this collection will bring a one-of-a-kind touch. Many of the designs have inspirational quotes that will remind you that our lives are a beautiful gift. These murals are available with or without text.


In stock

This collection features some of the most inventive wood-themed wallpaper yet, whether it's a stylish and realistic herringbone pattern or a more abstract wood design. With wood wallpaper, it's easy to create a high-end, contemporary look that's both cozy and welcoming. The photorealistic look of these patterns helps create an authentic, outdoorsy look that is sure to make guests say, “wow!”

World Maps

World Maps is a collection filled with various world map murals that bring historic imagery, soft vintage hues, and modern bright primary colours. These detailed maps are rich with history and culture to take your designs to new depths. Build your story with the bold presence of world map murals!


Yala is a collection that focuses on celebrating nature. Popular faux wallpaper such as luxurious marble patterns add a sophisticated element to the space, creating a contemporary atmosphere. Nature-inspired designs, such as trees and leaves, offer a transformative appeal, creating an organic look that is only emphasized by its vibrant, eye-catching colors. Even modern geometric designs are reimagined with a more organic touch, using a watercolor effect to add a handpainted aesthetic.