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Prime's unique wallpaper collections are carefully selected by Designers from all over the world bringing you original designs with top quality vinyl wallcovering selections that will meet all of your project needs.

Shardana Wall Collection

Prime's commercial wallcoverings have been treated with a biocide agent, Bio-Pruf® that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi.

Prime Walls is also the only commercial wallcovering company in North America that has Bio-Pruf® manufactured within the manufacturing process.


Prime Walls is not only committed to delivering sophisticated, high end wallcovering designs but has made it a corporate standard to ensure all products meet environmental standards.

All of our products contribute to LEED, we have a Reclamation Program where old wallcovering is recycled no matter who the manufacturer is.

All products meet environmental standards.

What's New

Mica Collection Shardana Wall Collection
We'd love to share with you our fabulous Mica collection. These wallpapers are adorned with small jewel-like stones.

Grass Cloth Collection Shardana Wall Collection
Our new Grass Cloth collection includes a large variety of beautiful grass cloth wallpapers of different textures, colors and patterns. Enjoy your shopping!